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ASCOT GmbH sponsors „Aktion Mensch“ mehr...


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About Us / Company Profile

ASCOT GmbH was founded 1993 in northern Germany. We are specialist on designing high integrated and high complex customized PCB and system solutions in the area of networking, microprocessor, video and FPGA.

If you do not have schematics for your design available, we can create it for you based on your freehand drawings according to your requirements with out CAD-system. Based on these schematics we create your PCB layout from simple single layer up to high end multi layer PCBs with micro drills and embedded components and all of these in a short time frame. The development of your layout is done in close cooperation with your engineers and developer to meet optimal your requirements. For this we will verify all your requirements and align possible optimization with you.

In close relationship with leading German and Asian PCB manufacturer we can also handle your prototype and series production. We also have close relationship with assembling companies with a very short in and out time. At the assembling company and in our labs we can do also a pretesting of your boards.

Beside the PCB Service the ASCOT GmbH offers since 2010 also system development and an own platform for FPGA prototyping. These is possible because we took over an employee with about 15 years of experiences in that field. With this experience it is possible to offer our customer from the beginning qualified and working solutions.

All our technical employees are graduated engineers and have a wide range of knowledge in the areas of microprocessors, FPGA and CAD-Layout due to the long relation ship with leading companies in the semiconductors, industrial, medical and consumer market.

That is why the ASCOT GmbH can now offer the complete chain. You have the idea and we make a product including documentation out of it. How much of our service you like to have is fully up to you. Also sub tasks are welcome.