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ASCOT GmbH sponsors „Aktion Mensch“ mehr...


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ASCOT GmbH - FPGA Prototyping System available!

Beverstedt, May 2010

We are proud to let you know that the essential modules of our ASCOT GmbH FPGA Prototyping System are available now. The first production is already running and will be shipped to our customer soon.

Using the HSMC Adapter, which is currently under test, it is possible to use also the peripheral modules of the Altera platform. With these peripheral modules it is possible to create complete systems including peripheral circuits like AD/DA converter. In case you miss a certain peripheral module, we can develop and produce it for you.

Target of our ASCOT GmbH FPGA Prototyping System is to provide customer a flexible and modular system, providing the capability to develop and verify even large integrated digital circuits or systems prior to tape-out.

Heiko Rühlemann
Managing director of ASCOT GmbH