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ASCOT GmbH sponsors „Aktion Mensch“ mehr...


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ASCOT GmbH becomes member of the Goepel GATE program

Beverstedt, June 2011

The ASCOT GmbH is specialized in development of circuits and PCBs of highly integrated electronic circuits. Our focus areas are customer-oriented components, modules and systems in the areas of computer technology (PCI, USB, DDR and SATA), data communications, video technology and FPGA design. Beside the development of the circuit a special emphasis on producibility and testability is placed.

In collaboration with leading PCB and assembling companies we provide manufacturing service to our customer for prototypes and/or small series of printed circuit boards including assembly, testing, commissioning and programming. To allow an error-free production we use a multi-stage test procedure. This begins with the development and continues after the assembling with AOI (automated optical inspection) and X-ray test using the Goepel products. An alternative to X-ray test and for prototype productions more favorable is a JTAG boundary-scan test. This has two advantages, first the cost and secondly that the customer is able to repeat the test in its own laboratories with very little effort.

Due to the long-term positive experience with Goepel, its products, its customer focus and staff, we became alliance partner and a member of the GATE program. This allows us to serve our customers even better in testing their products.

This offers the possibility of ASCOT GmbH to provide you the full service starting at your idea to the final, pre-tested product, including the related documentation. You can decide how much of our services you take. We are also happy to perform only specific tasks.

Heiko Ruehlemann
Managing director of ASCOT GmbH