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ASCOT GmbH sponsors „Aktion Mensch“ mehr...


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ASCOT GmbH become member of the Altera Design Services Network

Beverstedt, December 2012

The ASCOT GmbH is specialized in developming circuits and PCBs of highly integrated electronic circuits. Our focus areas are customer-oriented components, modules and systems in the areas of computer technology (PCIe, USB, DDR and SATA), data communications, video technology and FPGA design. More and more FPGAs are used to process, convert and evaluate high speed signals. With an adequate design it is possible to update the FPGAs also in the filed like firmware of micro controllers.

We have many years of experience in development, production and programming such circuits with FPGAs of Altera, Xilinx and Lattice. Due to the continuously positive experiences with the Altera device, tools and excellent support of Altera and their representatives we applied for a member ship in the Altera DesignSerivces Network, which then was granted.

Now the ASCOT GmbH is able to provide even better development support for your FPGA based circuits, because our engineers undergo several training classes and certifications every year.

Heiko Rühlemann
Managing director of ASCOT GmbH