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ASCOT GmbH sponsors „Aktion Mensch“ mehr...


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Fabian Wenig

ASCOT GmbH sponsors Fabian and his school

Beverstedt, October 2015


I'm Fabian Wenig. We have celebrate a anniversary at our primary school. The school is fifty years old. For this anniversary we have build "dream stones" for our schoolyard together with an artist. We have formed the stones and afterwards covered with self made tiles. All children of the school have contributed to this work of art. To finance all of this, we organized a charity run with the school association. The children from all classes have acquired sponsors and are then raced 2399 laps in total. I've done 20 laps, which is a distance of 5km. I think it is very kind that the company ASCOT GmbH was my sponsor with 5 Euro per lap. In total they donated 100 Euro for me an my school.

Many thanks,


We, Andreas and Heiko the managing directors of ASCOT, are very glad to see that children are engaged to help other. We are glad to be able to support Fabian and his school.

Andreas and Heiko
Managing directors of ASCOT GmbH