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Peripheral Modules

The ASCOT GmbH Prototyping System distinguishes between three kinds of Peripheral Modules. They differ mainly in  size.

One Peripheral Module is the "Regular Peripheral Module". The regular Peripheral Module is typically used when an interface with cable connections is needed. This kind of module has the regular 120x120mm size and can be solidly screwed on the mounting frames.

The next Peripheral Module is the “Small Peripheral Module”. It is intended for add-ons not requiring much space and where can be assumed that not too much mechanical force will appear.

The third one is the “Inner Peripheral Module”. The “Inner Peripheral Module” is the only module which is oriented to the middle of a module. It cannot be screwed together with the other boards. Hence it is typically used for light things like memory add-ons.

Regular Peripheral Module:

Peripheral Module

Small Peripheral Module:

Small Peripheral Module

Inner Peripheral Module:

Inner Peripheral Module